A 23 year old young female came with irregular menses for last 2-3 years. She was already diagnosed with PCOD by her gynaecologist, and was prescribed Hormonal therapy but with no results.

She first visited in JULY’19, After detailed study we prescribed on following symptoms
1.Menses- Late
3.Female-Itching -vagina
6.Generals-warm- aggravate

After reportorising Lachesis, Lycopodium, Merc sol and sulphur came to be the top remedies.

She lacked suspiciousness of Lachesis.
She lacked dominance of Lycopodium.
She was not rebel like Merc sol.
She was OPEN and seem Curious, plus her only symptom of itching.

We gave SULPHUR 200 followed by s/l.
Her itching was gone,she improved her menses become regular.

later Sulphur 1m was given several doses periodically as per the case requirements.

Thuja 1m was given as intercurrent as antisycotic remedy.

Her scan came normal this March’20 and she is Healthy.