Constipation and the effectiveness of homeopathy in treating it

 Constipation is defined as the condition in which the affected person has dry and hard stools with less than three bowel movements every week. In severe conditions, the bowel movements are reduced to one per week.

It is one of the most common gastrointestinal problems that people face these days as a result of their unhealthy food habits and sedentary lifestyle. A number of other factors can cause constipation. Some of those are the lack of sufficient fluids and fibers in your diet, physical inactivity, laxative abuse or drinking less water/liquids.

Whatever the root cause of the problem may be, homeopathy is the best solution. Here are prominent reasons why homeopathic medications are the best option when it comes to treating constipation.

  1. No side effects – Homeopathy uses natural remedies for treating constipation, therefore, the medication is completely non-toxic and free from side effects of all kinds. You can completely rely on homeopathy for the treatment of your condition without being worried about the side effects at all. This virtue of homeopathic medication makes it best to use homeopathy for the treatment of constipation especially in the case of children, pregnant women, and elderly people.
  1. Addressing the Symptoms – Homeopathic treatment for constipation is based on your individual symptoms so the treatment varies from person to person. This makes homeopathic medications completely symptom based and therefore more effective.

For instance: A medicine called ‘Alumina’ is prescribed when a patient has to strain hard to be able to expel even soft stool (which is clay like and sticks to the rectum). However, ‘Silicea’ is recommended when stool recedes back in the rectum, being only partially expelled.

  1. Permanent treatment – Homeopathy deals with the root of the problem and cures the causes and symptoms of constipation in such an effective manner that the treatment is permanent.